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  • What does "Booked" mean?"
    The term came from a lot of my singer/ musician /actor friends booking shows, or gigs and being too busy to do anything else. They were always BOOKED! Kelly Price made it a trending word and we just took it and ran with it!
  • Can I make a purchase even though I'm not "Booked"?"
    You absolutely can! I believe that if you speak things in the universe it'll come to you! We can't go by what we see! Activate your faith!
  • What is a "Dad Hat"?"
    A dad is a baseball cap with a curved brim. It's called a dad hat because at a time when snapbacks and fitted caps were taking over fashion, you only saw dad's in "dad hats" and the name pretty much stuck.
  • Are the shirts true to size?
    The shirt sizes are unisex sizes and may be slightly bigger than fitted.
  • Can I pick up my purchase in person?
    No, you may not. In person merch purchases are not available, as this is an online store only. Follow the steps to make your purchase(s).
  • How soon will my items arrive?
    The estimated shipping time is 3-7 days business days.
  • I don't have a Paypal account, can I still make a purchase?"
    Yes! All you need is your credit/debit card information to make purchases.
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